Looking Like a Cocky Brat

Saruhiko is known for his glasses. His thick square black glasses rims set him apart from his comrades at Scepter 4. Behind those glasses are dark sapphire eyes. His hair is a dark brown that often looks black. His face is angular and his hair is spiked with a long section of bangs often partially covering his left eye. In flashbacks his hair is often down. It was only after joining Scepter 4 that he began to style his hair. He usually can be seen with either a smirk or a grimace on his face and he rarely ever smiles.

Saruhiko has a tall and lanky build. He is thin almost to the point of being unhealthy looking. This may be because he subsists almost solely on energy drinks and protein bars. He is often seen wearing his Scepter 4 uniform. The uniform is noticable throughout Shizume City. The uniform is a white button up shirt, a grey waistcoat, a long fitted blue coat with two tails, gold buttons, violet and white accents, and military inspired styling, matching blue trousers that are tucked into knee high black boots. The coat's top right button doubles as a communication device and Munakata can occasionally be seen harassing Fushimi through it. All member of the Special Operations Squad also carry a saber at their left side and Saruhiko is no exception. Saruhiko's uniform differs from his co-workers in that he keeps his first few shirt buttons undone and his collar popped. He also keeps his coat unbuttoned with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, where his co-workers keep theirs closed and their sleeves rolled down. By comparison to his co-workers he comes off looking like a bit of a slacker.

These small differences serve to display the other unique aspects of Saruhiko's appearance. Just visible from under his shirt is the remains of the Homra insignia that marked him as a member. It is burnt and partially scarred over from where Saruhiko ran his fingers across it while it was consumed with the fire from his red aura. On his wrists are maroon bands that serve to hide his throwing knives.