The Way Home

Thank you for visiting Double Threat! I hope that you enjoyed your stay. Before you go please take the time to look at some site information, resources, and even link back.

Double Threat was created in October 2015 over a period of several weeks. It was the first character tribute I created before reopening as Esperits.ORG and was the main reason I chose to get back into shrine making. The name comes from the idea that Saruhiko can use two types of weapons, swords and knives as well as two auras red and blue.

Layout and Resources

The layout was created in Adobe Photoshop CS6 using an image from Minitokyo.NET. K Project information and links to important translations were found on Secrets of the Slate. If there is anything you ever wanted to know about K you can either find them there or be directed to someone who does. Icon textures were found from 99MockingBirds. Chibis from K: The Lost King are from Kisaki Yu on Twitter. Finally K Project was created by GoRA in conjunction with GoHands.

100x100 Icons

These are icons that can be used on most social media websites and forums. Again please remember to upload them to your own server.

If you are new to the series it may be beneficial to start by watching the first anime. It is available for streaming through official channels in countries where it is licensed. In the United States that would be Viz Media's Neon Alley as well as Hulu and Netflix.