Search, and kiss, and destroy

Greetings and welcome to Double Threat, a shrine dedicated to Saruhiko Fushimi, a major ensemble character from the animanga series K or K Project by GoRA. Here you will find basic information and rather verbose opinions on the complex clansman and acting third-in-command of Scepter 4. Fushimi is a fascinating character with quick mood swings from utter boredom to manic excitement and some of the most complex relationships in the series.

It should be noted that K is a compilation of two animes, a movie, several novels, mangas, and a game. New information on the world of K is regularly appearing so at any time this shrine may contain unmarked spoilers.

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If you are new to the series it may be beneficial to start by watching the first anime. It is available for streaming through official channels in countries where it is licensed. In the United States that would be Viz Media's Neon Alley as well as Hulu and Netflix.