Easily a Genius

Saruhiko Fushimi is easily one of the most intelligent characters in K, perhaps second only two his king. It was this effortless brillance that led him to be so sought after by the red, blue, and green clans.

While Saruhiko wasn't initially recruited to Homra for his intelligence he was quickly taken under the wing of Izumo Kusanagi, the strategist of Homra. He had chosen Saruhiko to become his apprentice and learn to manage Homra's resources should he ever retire. He was also sought out by the Blue King who while initially selecting him for abilities as a hidden weapons user undoubtedly saw the strategic advantage that Fushimi's intelligence bore. Finally there is the green king who attempted to recruit Saruhiko for his abilities with a computer.

As far as intelligence goes, Saruhiko is an all around genius, ranking 45th in his entrance exams despite his refusal to study. Saruhiko is best with electronics both with regards to programming and hardware manipulation. At the age of twelve he had already created the setup for the holographic keyboard and screen that projected from his PDA. When he became close to Yata he created a messaging application that allowed them to send messages without the keylogger created when the Jungle application was installed reading them. Fushimi even managed to hack high enough into ≪jungle≫'s infrastructure that he was confronted by a higher ranking member of ≪jungle≫, perhaps even their king.

Despite his brilliance Saruhiko is withdrawn, seemingly lazy when it involves things that fail to interest him. He had poor grades in school because he failed to do his work and he doesn't have a high school education because "being forced to listen to adults' long talks any more is unpleasant and pointless."

Some of Saruhiko's best exploits include: fixing kotatsus, hacking into medical databases that belong to the gold clan, creating the watch that Yata Misaki uses as a PDA, bypassing spyware, creating holographic keyboards, hacking ≪jungle≫ infrastructure.