The World of K

The world of K can be a bit complicated at first glance. As such I have provided a glossary of terms that I think may be useful to those unfamiliar with the world of K. If there's anything you feel should be added let me know!

Dresden Slate - A mysterious stone that was discovered in a church in Dresden, Germany. It was studied by a team of German scientists led Adolf K. Weissman during World War II. It appears to be able to grant the powers of the seven kings. The kings are silver, gold, red, blue, green, and colorless. There is one remaining king that has not been revealed yet.

Kings - Humans bestowed the power of one of seven auras by the Dresden Slate. Each King is given a different power corresponding to their aura. Among them red represents violence, blue is order, green is transformation, gold is prosperity, and silver is 'unchanging'. The colorless king acts as a balance. These beings can bestow their powers on vassals who make up their clan but are bound to the slate by their Sword of Damocles.

Sword of Damocles - A physical manifestation of a king's power. It is a literal sword that can be seen hanging above a king's head when they use their powers. The state of their sword is equivalent to the state of their powers. A king whose sword is cracked or damaged will eventually fall, killing the king and those in 100km radius.

Weissman Levels - The measurement unit used to judge a king's power. Named for Adolf K. Weissman who led the research team studying the Dresden Slate.

Strains - Individuals with supernatural skills who obtained them without receiving them from a king. Little is known about them, however it is likely that they were born with said powers. They are classified by risk level (1-4) and power level (common through ex-alpha) and are registered with Scepter 4.

Kagutsu Crater - An incident that occurred in July 199X when the red king at the time, Genji Kagutsu lost control of his power, leading to the fall of his Sword of Damocles. The fall of the sword killed over 700,000 civilians and changed the topography of Japan by destroying an area 100km in diameter.

Scepter 4 - Officially known as the Tokyo Region Legal Affairs Bureau Census Division, Annex 4. They are charged with the task of monitoring and registering strains and handling issues relating to them. Their leader is the Blue King and as such members use the blue aura. As an official government organization they answer directly to the Gold King.

HOMRA - The current red clan. They are named from the bar from which they run their business. They are known as hooligans who cause trouble and pick fights. They are often in opposition with the yakuza and brings them down.

≪ jungle≫ - A social network that hosts a message board and a number of games. It is embedded with spyware that allows Jungle to track the user. Jungle is a front for the green clan and members can obtain points to rank up by completing mundane to difficult tasks. Thus far the goals of the clan are vague beyond antagonizing the other clans.

USAGI - Members of the gold clan who are named for the rabbit masks they wear. While gold clan members can be normal civilians with extraordinary abilities that they use to better Japan. It is only the elite personal guards are part of the USAGI.