The Makings of a Man

Saruhiko Fushimi was the only child born to Fushimi Kisa and Fushimi Niki, two extremely intelligent individuals who created a "family" as a "husband" and "wife" for the sole purpose of propagating their wealth and maintaining appearances. Neither had time for their child and he spent his early years on his own in their large mansion. Saruhiko was an intelligent child who excelled in classwork and homework from a young age. His father was emotionally abusive and took joy in destroying his son's research project. By the time he reached middle school Saruhiko was so affected that he was withdrawn and apathetic to his school work and those around him.

At the age of 12, during his first year of middle school Saruhiko was often beaten up for the allowance his parents gave him. During one of these beatings Saruhiko was "saved" by a classmate Yata Misaki who ended up getting beaten up alongside Saruhiko. Misaki was a brash and hard-headed boy who hated to see injustice. When he hid in the bathroom during lunch he met Saruhiko once more and learned that Saruhiko enacted his own brand of justice. He would play those who stole his money on one of ≪jungle≫'s mini-games in order to win his money back. Misaki was enamoured with Saruhiko's skills at the game as well as the screens he invented to project the power of his phone. It was slow going but eventually they opened up and became best friends.

At the age of fourteen, Misaki was preparing for high school entrance exams when Saruhiko suggested they skip high school and move into an apartment together because he saw no point in listening to old men lecture him about things he already knew. It was around that time that they met Suoh Mikoto and Homra when Saruhiko threw a glass bottle away only to have Mikoto catch it and burn it in his hand. Misaki was immediately impressed with Mikoto's power and convinced Saruhiko that they should join Homra. At the age of fifteen they took Mikoto's test together and obtained matching insignias above their hearts. They quickly rose through the ranks at Homra and became the clan's vanguards.

Homra, Misaki's hero worship for their king, and Saruhiko's own fears regarding his inability to fit in with the group of hot-heads who ran with Homra made him unconsciously search for an escape. He was being tracked by ≪jungle≫ for the skills he showed when he hacked their app and sought out by The Blue King, Munakata Reisi who valued Saruhiko's skills in battle and while he instantly rejected the offer by ≪jungle≫ he still found himself trapped between two very different kings. It took convincing on Munakata's part but after the fledgling Blue King had tested Saruhiko and proven his own extraordinary intelligence in turn. When Saruhiko finally reaches his breaking point he finds himself unconsciously drawn to Munakata's side despite stiill being unsure.

At the age of sixteen Fushimi was inducted into Scepter 4. He initially was placed in the Information Department however his skills and status as the Blue King's favorite led him to quickly rise up the ranks until he was made a member of the Special Operations Squad and third-in-command where he serves as part communications and intelligence expert, part secretary, and part personal bodyguard for the king. As a member of the Special Operations Squad Saruhiko answers solely to his king and the lieutenant.