Our Cause is Pure

Scepter 4 or The Tokyo Region Legal Affairs Bureau Census Division, Annex 4. They are an official government bureau that has been led by at least two Blue Kings. Their main purpose is to observe, track, and take care of strains who live in Shizume City and the Tokyo Region as a whole. They also observe former members and the surviving members of any other clans. They are occasionally called to communicate their findings with The Gold King, Daikaku Kokujoji and the Prime Minister. The Blue King also acts in the place of the Gold King upon his disappearance or death and takes possession of Mihashira Tower (the Gold King's domain) and The Dresden Slate.

Scepter 4 acts as a sort of police force with their king as their leader, the current king is Munakata Reisi. Below him is his lieutenant, Awashima Seri. In Munakata's iteration of Scepter 4 he also has taken a third-in-command, the subject of this shrine, Saruhiko Fushimi. Scepter 4's justice is carried out by these members as well as their elite special squad made up of the junior captains of the mobile swordsmen troops. It should be noted that while they are between kings their power wanes but does not disappear and king who ascends often reconstructs the organization to make improvements to how it was run by the previous king.

"We will advance with sword in hand, for our cause is pure!" - The Scepter 4 Motto

Clansmen of Scepter 4 often live in the dormitories that are, like many things within the organization named after different shades of blue. Members share rooms for the most part with rare exceptions, like Fushimi given single rooms. The dorms are sparse and utilitarian, lacking creature comforts except in common areas.

Joining Scepter 4 is more of a show than anything else. While there is surely some application process that includes a civil service examination once a member is accepted, they are presented their saber in a ceremony where upon the king bestows upon them his power along with the sword.