Hidden Weapons User

Saruhiko was originally recruited by The Blue King, Munakata Reisi because of his fighting skills and technique as a "hidden weapons user". He thought that Saruhiko would be a valuable asset to Scepter 4 and he wasn't wrong.

As a member of Scepter 4, Fushimi normally fights using the saber he keeps at his left side. Like all members of Scepter 4 his saber was given a name, Subaru (昴) as in the name given to the constellation Pleiades in Japan. The sword was named by Munakata, although that does not seem to be common practice. Most of the time when he fights his saber, imbued with his blue aura is enough however there are occasions when he requires more. It should be noted however that it took Fushimi time to learn to use his sword in battle and he still lacks the formal technique of other Scepter 4 members.

In more intense battles Saruhiko will pull the small throwing knives he holds in his wristbands out. It is known that he carries at least six at any given time however an exact count has never been obtained. The knives while not providing him with the controlled reach of his saber are perhaps more comfortable to him. Saruhiko used them at Homra as well and displays his skill and accuracy by occasionally jamming gun barrels or killing spiders on the opposite side of the room (see K: Days of Blue).

What separates Saruhiko from his allies and enemies however is his ability to use the red aura he obtained as a member of Homra alongside his blue aura. He uses this to his advantage by repelling his enemy's attacks using his saber imbued with his blue aura while slicing through his enemies defenses using his knives and the violent red aura.

Although it is not his preferred method of combat Fushimi has some skill at hand to hand fighting and is able to accurately pin point his enemy's pressure points and use that to his advantage (See K Side:RED Ch. 2).